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Our students will tell you that performing a stage play
can change their lives.  We have seen how the ability to
perform on stage improves social skills, the ability to
communicate, and the self-esteem of kids and adults as
well. Actors learn about team work as well self-reliance.  
Kids involved in artistic activities also do better in school.
 And, of course, it's really fun. Our typical class consists
of a group of about 10 students who attend class on a
regular basis.  Some students continue for years.  The
adults in my class will attest not only to the
entertainment aspect of it, but the spiritual enhancement
as well.  We are confident that  the opportunity of doing
theatre  will bring much joy to new participants as well
as those who continue. Some students will  continue
doing theatre and become successful,  professional
actors, as many of our students have done.

Se imparten todas las disciplinas
necesarias para la formación de actores
que van a competir en el mundo del
entretenimiento. Las clases se imparten por
igual a niños y adultos en grupos separados
y se realizan talleres de creación colectiva
donde jóvenes y adultos tienen la
posibilidad de expresar su talento e ideas
en un ambiente creativo y artístico.


The Los Angeles Theatre Academy is
the first and only multilingual theatre
academy to offer educational services to
children and adults of all economic and
ethnic backgrounds in the fascinating
and captivating world of theatre. Our
programs are proven to give students
the best education in acting, directing,
design, production, writing, and more.
We are committed to ongoing
professional and semi-professional
theatrical productions, performing on
stages throughout the Los Angeles
area, including our unique summer
festival, thus giving each student ample
stage time. Children involved in the
arts learn to express themselves, to act
and imagine, to speak in front of
appreciative audiences, hence are
happier, healthier, and smarter
children. We are planting seeds for the
ACADEMY is a non-profit organization
with one mission, and that is theatre.
That is our passion. We are family
oriented, devoted to performing arts
and self-realization, and ready to give
each student the tools he or she needs
to succeed in this exciting art form.
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"This organization is supported, in part, by the Los
Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los
Angeles County Arts Commission."
Photo by: Joseph Cultice